Adult Education – How is it Different?

How is it altered from K-12? Why is this important to us? Altercate andragogy and life-long learning.

Adult education, how is it different? Before we altercate the applied differences, let’s aboriginal abode the two primary categories of apprenticeship – pedagogy, and andragogy. Simply stated, in Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, apprenticeship is the art science or profession of teaching. Within the profession, however, pedagogy, added generally refers to the K through 12 blazon of approach; the Socratic approach, if you will, area agents advise and learners listen. The advice is anesthetized from the adviser to apprentice – added of a blueprint acquirements approach, area the abecedarian is abased aloft the adviser for all learning. The abecedary or adviser assumes abounding albatross for what is taught.

Andragogy, however, assumes that the abecedarian is self-directed. The abecedarian is amenable for his or her own learning. Self-evaluation is appropriate of this approach. With Andragogy, the abecedarian brings his own acquaintance to the acquirements process. Each developed abecedarian is a antecedent of ability and contributes to the all-embracing acquirements experience. With this access is added of a congenital in address to apprentice than in the pedagogical model. This self-motivation comes from the charge to apperceive in adjustment to accomplish added finer or to accomplish one’s goals.

So, developed apprenticeship is focus added on acquirements what we charge to apperceive to accomplish our altered activity goals. The added apprenticeship access is added of a appropriate action to accretion assertive basal credentials. It is generally abundant beneath apprentice centered and focuses added on specific outcomes centered about a set curriculum. Developed apprenticeship in allegory to K-12 is added abecedarian centered in the apprehension is added accord based on activity experience.

The developed apprenticeship access becomes important to us back the goals are primarily different. The goals are centered on accomplishing a specific assignment outcome, or acquirements new behaviors. The developed becomes beneath motivated by brand point averages, and added motivated by accomplishing specific goals. Most generally these goals are added pragmatic, and are centered about specific outcomes at the abecedarian wants to achieve.

In this 21st aeon apple of complexity, all of our senses are always getting assaulted with assorted types of information. To survive and possibly even to prosper, acquirements becomes a constant process. Most of us become constant learners, whether we admit that specific appellation or not. In essence, developed apprenticeship is altered primarily from our K-12 experience, and possibly aboriginal college, by both our action and our need. Developed apprenticeship becomes a choice, not a responsibility.

Copyright November 4, 2009 Boyd K. Smith, Ph.D. All rights Reserved